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Boosting your business with great photography

Whether it's LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, your own website - promoting yourself or your business is all about creating a great impression online


A striking professional headshot, pictures of the products you sell, or a series of images that tell the story of your business - good photographical have a huge influence on how potential clients perceive you, and ultimately whether they choose to do business with you.

With many people finding themselves job-hunting this year, a standout headshot can really add value to your LinkedIn profile. Have a look at your current photo – how does it compare to your peers? Does it reflect the image you want to portray to potential employers?

I am a Newbury-based professional photographer specialising in headshots, personal branding photography and product images, here on some tips on creating a great profile picture:

  • Dress the part – whether your industry favours jeans and t-shirt or suit and tie, dress to impress but make sure it’s something you feel comfortable in.

  • Lighting – position yourself either facing or side on to a window to make use of the natural light.

  • Look at the camera and smile – it makes you look approachable and confident

  • Clean background – keep it plain and simple, steering clear of ‘busy’ backgrounds so that the focus is on you (and also avoids a lampshade or plant accidentally sticking out of your head).

If you’d prefer to put yourself in the hands of a pro, I offer flexible studio options and competitive prices. I work with clients to understand the impression they want to create from their pictures, applying his experience and creativity to deliver a unique set of images.

More info here on my packages - Headshots

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