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A photographers right of passage?

It seems that everyone who has a love of photography will, at some point, set themselves a challenge. One such challenge is called the '365 Project', where the aim is to take a photograph every day for a year. This might sound easy, but when you're trying not to repeat yourself it can be difficult to keep things fresh and new.

Back in 2017, on 1 January, I started my own challenge. 365 days later, this was the result...

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. It is hard to keep coming up with ideas - some days you'll be inspired and others will be a struggle. I sometimes found myself frantically searching the house for something to take a picture of - but often those turned out to be the most interesting images, as I had to really think about the lighting to make something as mundane as a fork look good!

If you're thinking about taking on a similar challenge there are plenty of useful resources available on the internet such as this. Or, if you need help with ideas, check out this subject calendar.

Let me know how you get on....


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